How credit and America’s racist history go hand-in-hand

How credit and America’s racist history go hand-in-hand

For each of you that have had credit problems, you have gone on thinking that you just don’t know what you’re doing, and you have not, but there’s a reason behind this. What you need to know is that someone had a purpose for this, and has benefited financially by keeping you ignorant of this knowledge.

It started on the plantations where the very notion of a black man or woman learning how to read was considered an abomination to the colonial Masters of the day. Today our white counterparts benefit from our lack of financial knowledge that we are just beginning to delve into as a people. ROBERT KIYOSAKI, one of the most sought after and most knowledgeable financial gurus of this age, discusses in many of his books, such as: Rich dad- Poor dad, the cash flow quadrant, and Rich dad’s guide to investing, and other resources; the concept of a financial IQ. For centuries our colonial masters have benefited and passed along this financial knowledge to their children and kept it away from us, while they and their children benefited from this knowledge of capitalism. As it was passed down century to century, from generation to generation, again and again, we were kept away. Why do you think that they were so determined to keep the black man from learning how to read that they would literally punish him to the ranks of death? to simply intimidate the rest of the Community? What was so important that they had to go to such lengths to ensure that this behavior did not continue? What did they stand to lose? and what gain did they obtain by keeping us in the dark? Because of these financial secrets and this knowledge, we now find ourselves looking in from the outside. Our plight has not just existed due to the physical dominance, but by centuries of cerebral limitations placed upon our minds. To this day it is a well-known fact that reading and research to acquire information is something that the average black person has historically struggled with. As I type this at this very moment it is in the headlines that the FBI has brought charges against over 50 people who cheated in an attempt to have your children enrolled in some of the nations top colleges and universities. We’re not talking about community college, we are talking about UCLA, USC, Harvard, and Yale, amongst others. But, why? These parents are aware that their children will get the best education, a level that a large percentage of the people of this country do not even know exists. By attending these top institutions the students will be privy to the inside networks, and inside information of a system that was designed to benefit only A few. This knowledge is about credit, how it is used, and how to obtain it. What we need to understand, and it may be a shock, that the truly wealthy in this country very rarely exchange Federal Reserve notes. By simply attending A Harvard, or A Yale, a student can be set for life. Yes believe it! The wealthy keep it in the family! Do understand that attendance at an Ivy League school or a top tier university, follows you wherever you go. The college a student has attended and graduated from has a lot to do with their potential networth, and the amount of credit that will be extended to them, because they recognize that he has a higher earning potential than the average citizen, and thus the ability to pay it back.

But how does this all tie in? White folks and whitewashed Negros, are good for saying that all black America must do is pull themselves up by their bootstraps too. But my question to them is, “like who?” They would like you to believe that those who have become successfully wealthy got there by hard work alone.   I will admit that some indeed have. But, the Bushes, the Astors, J.P. Morgan’s, are families who have benefited from generational wealth based off of assets, and these assets were our ancestors! Our ancestors and the labor that they produced were monetized. They were indicated on the balance sheet and a strong balance sheet indicating high net worth means that they are worthy to borrow large sums of money. What has been our advantage? There hasn’t been one.

I do believe that those days of the nations elite racing each other to the top of the economic power at our expense, which is the very nature of racism, Can come to an end. Today, we see that this historical racism has a face in the person of Donald Trump. I do believe that he is a model of their desperate attempt to continue to rule by white supremecy. He has given them hope that the white male will continue to be recognized as the epitomy of wealth, honesty (in their minds), and power. Hence, the slogan: Make America Great Again! This history of slavery and minority subservience was the ideal of greatness of their version of America. And these days are now coming to an end. Thank God for the Internet.

You need to be encouraged about your financial future, because the biggest thing that is happening to you right now is that you are beginning to come into the knowledge of credit and knowledge of financial power. You made a big step by taking the effort to begin to seek out knowledge and to get involved in this website. Search out all of the knowledge and materials that this website has to offer, and begin to do your research, read books and materials to find out what you can do to improve your life. And in order to do this, you must focus on improving your credit. Begin with our article: 5 conversations that must happen to improve your credit position. Also, we would recommend participating in The Black Investor network (, also begin to take courses at the black investors Academy ( Also, make sure to become a member of our parent organization: Cocoa Soul (, a black social network established to bring unity and solutions to the black community. This site: Credit Building Toolkit ( and the others, are part of the Cocoa Soul Network, and solutions needed to bring our collective power to fruition.


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