The Issues

So it goes like this:

Most people fall into one of these categories, either you’re:

  1. Broke and don’t know why, or…
  2. Broke and you think you just need to make more money!

Well, after some study, you’ll find out what it means to be broke, and why you got there, and most importantly: How to get out of it.

The answers lay in the secrets that the wealthy have tried to keep secret for far too long. Why, because they have known that if everyone was on the same financial footing, then there will be no one to do the laborious jobs , and they will fall on them. They want to be able to build great enterprise off of your labor! If that upsets you-Good! it should. But more importantly it should motivate you to want to change things, and gain control of your own labor, by profiting off of it yourself-not someone that you don’t even know!

Here is a good primer to get you started:



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